AASU Feminists United Presents “The Clothesline Project”

T-shirts, simple t-shirts. Who among us doesn’t have dozens of them in drawers or on shelves somewhere? Thanks to a group of women from Cape Cod, Mass., we will never look at t-shirts the same way again.

They are founders of the Clothesline Project, a small core of women who found a way to take the staggering, mind-numbing statistics on violence against women and turn them into a provocative, in-your-face, educational and healing tool.

They came up with the idea of using shirts hanging on a clothesline to tell stories of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The concept is simple — let each woman tell her own story, in her own unique way, and hang it out for all to see. It is a way of airing society’s dirty laundry.

Help Stop Violence Against Women! Tell your story or the story of someone you know.

Armstrong’s Feminists United are trying to take the first step as powerhouse activists and shake the campus up. Women have stroies to tell and we need to create an avenue for them to tell these stories.

The t-shirts will be collected in cardboard boxes around campus during the dates below:

March 19-30 in front of the Library and Gamble Hall

April 2-13 in front of Univeristy Hall and the Student Union


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